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Internet is a source of information. Somtimes useful, somtimes not. The problem is to find the useful information. Sometimes this takes much time, sometimes it does not succeed at all. Here you can find some links to sites that I have found, and that can be interesting for others too. Off course I can not guarantee that the information on these sites is correct!

The number of links is still limites, but the idea is to supplement the list regularly. If you know other interesting links, or have questions or find something that does not work, please let me know.


Motobécane / Kaptein:


Koehler Escoffier / Monet Goyon:





  • Imme Freundeskreis - a very nice and helpful club of Imme enthusiasts, site with a lot of information (in German)
  • Imme Schwarm - another club of Imme enthusiasts (in German)
  • Bernie's Bike Shed (Engels) - blog of an Englishman with passion for German motorcycles, amongst which the Imme (in English)
  • Immetatie - site that describes the creation of a moped in style of the Imme (in Dutch)






Motorcycles on stamps:


Motorcycle museums:


Various classic motorcycles:


Various private sites of motorcycle enthusiasts:


Various modern: