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Omega Coventry

Omega is a small English brand, that has built motorcycles from 1914 up to 1927. The brand has been established by W.J. Green and was located in Coventry. Next to this one there have been several other motorcycle manufacturers that have used the name Omega.

When I bought my first Omega in 2006 I had never heard of the brand. Therefore I started to look on internet for information about it, and also got in contact with other Omega enthusiasts. It turned out to be a relatively small brand, but with a very wide range of models. Only a small number seems to have survived. This makes almost every Omega bike a unique machine. All together I got really enthusiastic about the brand.

I have 2 different Omega motorcycles. The first one was a touring model with an Omega 350cc 2-stroke engine. The exact year of manufacturing is not known, but based on the characteristics of the bike it is estimated as 1923. This is how it looks:

Omega 350cc - 1923

In 2021 I aquired a second Omega, a Junior with a 170cc 2-stroke Omega engine. The year is not exactly known, but is probably also 1923. In my motorcycle the engine is missing, but that is not a problem as I know where to get one. Here a picture in its current state:

Omega - linkerzijde

To get more information about the Omega brand and motorcycles in general, click on one of the links on top of this page.