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Other Omega motorcycles

Now some other images of Omegas. This section is not yet finished, I have more pictures that I will add over the coming months.

The oldest is probably from 1915, it is an early Omega with the first 350cc 2-stroke engine:

Omega 350cc 2-stroke, probably 1915

The next one has a Villiers engine and belt drive to the rear wheel. That makes that it is probably the 270cc Omegette from 1921:

Omega Omegette with 270cc Villiers engine - 1921

An Omega with JAP 4-stroke engine, with the front forks with tension spring as introduced in 1923:

Omega 300cc JAP engine - 1923

Here a picture of an Omega Junior with the Omega 170cc 2-stroke engine. This one is probably from 1923.

Omega Junior 170cc 2-stroke - 1923

Next a 350cc 2-stroke, that is said to be from 1923. The motorcycle has front forks, mudguards, frame and seat that are very similar to mine. My front forks also have the pivotting point for this type of brake. Things that clearly differ are the engine (with the decompression device on the front, and the magneto mounted low in front of the carter instead of behind the cilinder), gear box and transmission to the rear wheel.

Omega 1923

Here a low quality picture (a copy of a copy of...) of the same type of Omega in full action. This picture clearly shows the oilpump in the right front of the tank, similar to the one on my bike.

Een 1923 Omega in actie

The following pictures shows the new shortened frame that was introduced in 1924. The engine is a 350cc JAP 4-stroke.

Omega 350cc JAP - 1924

The next picture shows a 1925 Omega with 500cc JAP engine.

Omega 500cc JAP - 1925