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Last modifications of MotorPaul.NL

24 July 2023:

   Several newly discovered Kaptein plates added

19 January 2023:

   My 2 newest purchases: Omega Junior en Sparta JLO Twin

22 November 2022:

   Newly aqcuired Omega folders from 1921 and 1924 added (now all years from 1919 up to 1927 complete)

26 December 2019:

   Newly aqcuired Omega folders from 1914, 1919, 1920, 1926 and 1927 added

24 November 2019:

   Article about Delftware Kaptein plates extended

2 October 2019:

   2 new motorcycles: Scott Squirrel and Sparta NL250

1 May 2019:

   Pictures of the parts required to install a Cyclotracteur engine on a bicycle, with dimensions

30 January 2019:

   Overview of all Hulsmann models from 1939 until 1954, including 2 prototypes
   Pictures of the new Bagster seat on my Honda

13 January 2019:

   Article from Motor no. 31 from 1941 added, about a prototype for the post-war Hulsmann 125cc
   Several Hulsmann advertisements added

16 December 2018:

   Pictures of 2 other 74cc Simplex's added
   2 Hulsmann brochures in Dutch language added

2 April 2018:

   Part about Other brands with the name Omega extended (lots of new info and images)
   Personalized stamp with my 1932 Simplex made and added to this site

22 January 2018:

   Overview of Omega catalogues and folders and Omega advertisements adapted, several catalogues added

14 January 2018:

   Omega on VMC "picture of the month" and Omega catalog 1925

7 January 2018:

   Kaptein beer jug

3 January 2018:

   My new aquisition: Simplex 1932

29 Cecember 2017:

   Automoto story updated with extra pictures and link to a site with Automoto history

26 January 2017:

   Pictures of the Kaptein factories and more info about my Delftware Kaptein plate added
   Website secured with SSL-scrambling

19 November 2016:

   Report of the meeting of the Imme Freundeskreis on June 3/4 2016 in Immenstadt, with my Imme

14 February 2016:

    My Imme is ready! Article about Imme updated, story about the refurbishement added

28 December 2015:

    Complete website cleaned and all menus made bilingual (Dutch and English), some files translated
    in English

10 February 2015:

   Page added with technical drawings of the Imme, issued by the company. Text in English

28 June 2014:

   Page added with old pictures of the Imme, mostly company pictures. Text in English

24 February 2013:

   Various articles from motorcycle magazines from 1947-1950, advertisements and a brochure about Kaptein motorcycles added

9 februari 2013:

   My latest acquisition added: the Kaptein Z2c.

19 January 2013:

   Some Riedel company pictures added Imme

9 December 2012:

   PDF-version of an interview in Motor Magazine nr. 26 van 2010 (in Dutch) added to the site
   Completely rewritten Omega info (in English language only) with historic photographs, advertisements etcetera.

27 November 2012:

   Color images of the pre-war 125cc Hulsmann brochure, both front and back side

3 May 2012:

   Description of my new motorcycle, a Honda CB1000RA, added under "Modern"

27 December 2011:

   Page about my new acquisition, a Imme R100, added under "Other Classics"

30 November 2010:

   Article about the patented Hulsmann ball bearing front forks and other patents added

29 November 2010:

   All Hulsmann info re-arranged, various old files removed

25 November 2010:

   Again various Hulsmann articles added, from Dutch magazines of 1965 and later

21 November 2010:

   Various Hulsmann articles added from Dutch motorcycle magazines 1951-1955, amongst which:

  • 2 road tests of the 125cc models
  • exhibition reports
  • report of a motocross match won on a Hulsmann

9 November 2010:

22 August 2010:

  • Overview Hulsmann brochures published
  • Some minor modifications/additions in Hulsmann information

29 April 2010:

  • A few Hulsmann advertisements added and some others dated
  • Put a link to MotorPaul.NL on the old location, this marks the official start of this website

February 2010: