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Motorcycle brands with the name Omega

Apart from mr. Green from Coventry, there have been several other motorcycle manufacturers in different countries that used the name Omega for their products. Sometimes Omega was only part of the name, like in "Austro Omega". I have tried to get as many information on these brands as possible, and I came to the following list of "other" Omega's, grouped per country (click on the names to get more information):


   Omega Cycles - M. Bergeron, Paris - 1898

   Omega Cycles et Motocyclettes - Marius Lecomte et Fils, Lyon - 1910


   Omega Motorcycle Co. - S. Dorset and B.S. Roberts, Wolverhampton - 1909


   Austro-Omega - 1932

   Austro-Omega sidecars - 1932 - 1939


   Omega JLO - 1951

Japan / USA:

   Omega - Ken Kay / Kawasaki - 1960's


   Omega - Lifan - 2008




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